This site and the others like it were created by Brian MacKay, based in Edmonton, Canada. I operate as Tooq Inc. building websites and consulting with business owners around the globe. You can visit my site here. The first site like this I created was ymmfire.ca and saw over 6400 offers for accommodation and dozens of families and evacuees placed or otherwise assisted in the largest evacuation in Canadian history.

This site was created ahead of any specific event in preparation for large scale evacuations, lock downs, or other events that may see groups of people unable to return home and requiring a place to stay. In many cases, these people are left without all the resources they may normally have, so booking an expensive hotel room is not always possible. After seeing people on Twitter and other social media offer accommodation, the creation of a clearing house for this information made sense.

Media Requests

The first 72 hours of an event can be very, very hectic in trying to filter and verify information around an event and so media queries may not be responded to immediately. If you'd like to make a request, then please visit my business site above and use the contact form there. I'll respond to all requests, but it may not be in time for your story.