2017 BC Wildfire Emergency Peer Accommodation Matching

Please use the feature below to post information about any rooms/beds you might be able to offer or if you are looking for a place to stay due to the evacuation. All posts must include:

  • A name (first name only is fine, first and last preferred)
  • A contact method (telephone or email)
  • Details on what you need or what you can offer

Additionally, include the following if you're able:

  • Estimated time required or available in days
  • Smoking/Non-smoking
  • Pets/No pets

Safety and Terms of Use

This forum is lightly moderated in that spam and abusive messages will be removed, but all participants accept that the site is to be used at their own risk. If you are offering space in your home or accepting space in a stranger's home it is recommended that you:

  1. Exchange IDs when you first meet and use your smartphone to take a picture of the identification.
  2. Email or message friends or family with the information of the other person and details of the stay.
  3. Follow your gut. If something doesn't feel right, then do not proceed with the arrangement.

This space is not intended for rental postings or other commercial activities. Posts requiring payment of any kind will be removed.

Registration is optional and not required for participation, however, messages posted without registration cannot be edited or deleted. Email addresses are protected against bot scrapers, but the information will be publicly available. This site will never sell, rent, or give-away collected information, but we cannot limit anyone from manually collecting the information on the site.

Offering Space

If you are offering a place to stay, leave a message below with your first name, the location of where the space is (neighbourhood and city may both be applicable), your preferred method of contact (email or telephone), and any details on the space you have available. Include details on if smoking or pets are allowed.

Keep in mind that many evacuees are on the road and in mid-evacuation. You may also want to note if you're willing to take calls late into the night or if you can make arrangements over the next couple of days.

Requiring a Place To Stay

You can contact people offering a place to stay directly without leaving a message, but if you require space, please ensure your message includes you first name, contact information that you can access while displaced (telephone, text, or email) and the details of what you require. Please mention pets, children, smoking preferences, and how long you expect to need accommodations.

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