An updated Modem-on-hold applet, version 1. Kudos to Agere for responding to the numerous requests for this feature which can alert you to an incoming call while, for example, you’re downloading and not in front of the screen. However, in some cases, without changing Automatic Updates to off, or to notify before installation, the V. See Modemsite’s Smartlink page for more information. You are viewing this page from the new server. Unreliable’ is 5 years old this month. The demand for and importance of dial-up modems will continue to be eroded by broadband’s growth.

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Over the years, I’ve had more questions than answers about getting distinctive ring to work. Premium Access subscribers continue to have ad-free access to all Forum sections.

But, Windows 7 only accepts signed drivers – so, using tutorials on the net, modified the Smart Link drivers to self-sign them. An E-Bay auction for names netscape. All Auction Buy It Now.

Pulled from working eMachines Desktop Tower. This allows me to view and alter any of the various databases on my webserver without coding any pages. Smartlink has released a new driver version 4. If you have a system running Windows 95, now is the time to make sure it’s well-tuned and that you’ve got all the agfre patches and updates from Microsoft’s Windows Update. Designed for use with the SV92 series softmodemthis solid-state codec will require newer driver versions jodem not yet available from Modemsite.


The new sign-up page is on-line. The page has been revised to try and make it clear that Modemsite has no affiliation with AOL and doesn’t provide any AOL customer service.

Identifiable information “Personal Information”.

Dell Dimension Rating: Things that may not work correctly initially include – purchasing a premium access subscription, and premium access downloads. See the Press Release. New driver version 2. The Broken Link link agre at the bottom of most pages.

It appears that any significant upstream boost with V. The drop-dead “feature” can be defeated by temporarily changing the clcok – double-click the time display in the Windows task-bar, and change the date to or earlier, then the program can be run, and you can re-set the clock back to the correct time afterwards. Modemsite now offers a L-compatible V.

It looks as if Cisco and Lucent – both of which had promised server-side support for PCM upstream – will not incorporate PCM upstream avere their product.

If you have an external 56k modem capable of greater than Interoperability problems, with V. I’m working full-time publishing and maintaining Modemsite. Unfortunately, this driver mode been marked such that users who have Windows Automatic Updates turned on may receive this driver agerre and v92 notification.


I’m intending to write more about the change – for now, let me say that I’ve spent hours and hours to move and configure the site and I’m sure there are some things that haven’t been fixed – but most things, including ad-free Premium Access should be working If you want the best parts from a trusted engineer, always check us first!

Buying Format see all. While there have been many problems reported with the SP2 upgradeI’m not aware of any new problems for modems with XP Service Pack2.

And that’s if the ISP’s V.

USR :: USR USB Softmodem

More details on Modemsite’s SVP page. The support page for the ‘ current’ D product has been removed. Existing premium access subscribers should be able to log in, view the site ad-free, etc. The site is being moved to a new server. Most of the modems sold in will be softmodems.

I haven’t been able to keep all the external links properly updated, and ageer be making an effort to make major updates to the site within the next few months.