Recover Windows to entire HD. Ensure that paper, books, clothing, cables, or other objects do not block any of the air vents or else overheating may occur. Please refer specification pages for full details. Before bootup, the display panel flashes when the power is turned ON. To maintain compliance with IC RF exposure compliance requirements, please avoid direct contact to the transmitting antenna during transmitting.

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After purchase, network can be installed as an expansion card. Sound Pressure warning Excessive sound pressure from earphones or headphones can cause hearing damage or loss.

Asus G74SX Driver Download

Select the wireless access point you want to connect to from the list and click Connect to 7g4sx the connection. Creating the Recovery DVD: Re-type to confirm the password and press [Enter].

The built-in memory card reader is not only convenient, but also faster than most other forms of memory card readers because it utilizes the internal highbandwidth PCI bus. When using the Notebook PC modem, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury to persons, including the following: Additional asuz will increase application performance by decreasing hard disk access. Restarting or Rebooting After making changes to your operating system, you may be prompted to restart the auss.


The selected item will change color. To clear the password: Some installation processes will provide a dialog box to allow restart.

ROG G74SX | ROG – Republic Of Gamers | ASUS Global

Do not attempt to disassemble the optical drive. For models installed two hard disk drives, you have to lock the secondary hard disk drive before performing system recovery with recovery DVD.

Windows software settings are necessary. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. The other key, that looks like a Windows menu with a small pointer, activates the properties menu and is equivalent to pressing the right mouse button on a Windows object.

Register the Notebook PC for a one-year-warranty using the following website: Be careful when handling the Notebook PC while it is in operation or recently been in operation. You can see the current mode through the on-screen display OSD.

Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Do not use power adapters or batteries from other devices to reduce the risk of injury to persons due to fire or explosion.

DO NOT expose to strong magnetic or electrical fields. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. You can send your Notebook PC and diskettes through airport X-ray machines. USB Flash Akt0100 Disk A USB flash memory disk is an optional item that can provide storage up to several hundred megabytes, higher transfer speeds, and greater durability. Only purchase expansion modules from authorized retailers of this Notebook PC to ensure maximum compatibility and reliability.


The actual screens may g74ex by models and territories.

Current hard drives support S. DO NOT leave the battery pack discharged. When the built-in wireless LAN is enabled, this indicator will also light.

How to Download ASUS ATK0100 ACPI Drivers

Click Set User Password and repeat the previous steps to set up the user password. A Sound Pressure warning Refer to the rating label on the bottom of the Notebook PC and be sure that your power adapter complies with the rating. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative.

You have to set Master Password before setting the User Password.