Morning Bro, Take your A to a full service location and have them replace the current software to our new one that does support Win7. Ok signal no disconnects. They do not roam on Sprint or Verizon at all. I want to set up a vpn server to view my desktop on my android my touch phone how can I do this with the cricket air modem? Debra all i can do is apologize for the issues you experienced.

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It runs at the speed of dial up most the time even though i have 4 bars.

I disabled It, uninstalled it, and still nothing. You have to use the USB ports in the back of the pc to get it to work properly. It was not with Cricket. Thanks for this review. How does it work?

I mostly use it for online gaming. Had to browse the files on the install drive. Web surfing is possible. Told everyone I know not to even use cricket phones, adapyer service is terrible. If you are connecting in an area that has a poor signal, expect to be frustrated with your Cricket connection.

[ubuntu] Cricket EVDO slow connections

This is probably because of the power that is supplied to the USB port. They have been in other markets since My speed was fast for about 2 weeks. If you currently have the A you can go to a full service store and have the netwkrk support edo the current software with the one compatible with Windows 7. If the VPN connection is valid, this is the only way to make a connection to your laptop.


Also my cnnection was fast at first now slow to really slow lol.

This netwok their offerings seem cheaper, even though you pay it in the long run. You are going to have to get your VPN set up on your android phone, that will be the tricky part.

Nice review, Very helpful. What do you think? See Jas comment I can crickey that for a set period but not for the life of your service. Any info on this?

Not always but frequently. Purchase Price is no different then before and it can not be compared to what any other company can offer for month to month service for the price we do. I know for a fact however that we did nrtwork major system delays in early March due to horrible weather conditions, but also am aware that we did reverse reconnection fees to those customers who brought it to our attention before attempting a 2nd payment on the automated system.


Cricket EVDO Network Adapter Drivers

Dricket interesting thing is that i can play my MMO even while capped perfectly fine. Sometimes, I can predict networi I will need it on a trip. The program has a few functions: The way the modem works is when you first plug it in, it is recognized as a flash drive and the drivers are installed via Autorun. I used to be able to do that on Verizon. Cricket does own and operate their own network.

Recently bought the A Modem but got screwed when it came time for the rebate. July 16, at 5: Can you give more detail on what you had to do to get this working under Windows 7? I have only gone over the 5g once because I was using it for work so it was unintentional so I would not want to be punished for that forever.