August 30, , DrLava Maby I’m missing something, is there a page where I can order both or do I have to order one , check out and then order the other type on another page? Lava Micro Flex Drive V5. I just wish he would move sales product support to someone that can handle the load. Add this product to my list of favorites. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Related products Micro BoostDrive Micro Boostdrive is the perfect driver for portable applications that require a

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Mine is definately TTL and it floats high emits a beam with no modulation and dac present I fear that I am overcomplicating things for you Hey guys, thanks for the feedback! You drkava notice a red arrow on the top right side of my picture.

Introducing two new miniature drivers for portable lasers

Just to reiterate “Dr. You can use the EzAudDac as a dev test.

I need 8 more Flexmod P3 drivers your site says temp out of stock. Sorry this ended up getting so long. The Micro Boost drive is a boost-only version of the FlexDrive using a different circuit.

The frames that I’ve made with it are just fantastic. I’ll probably buy a couple in the next few months.


Dr. Lava/Nautlius Integration [Archive] – Photonlexicon Laser Forum

What exactly is that? DrLava Maby I’m missing something, is there a page where I can order both or do I have to order onecheck out and then order the other type on another page?

If you know what you are doing it lasrr easy and it will not cost more than usd http: Theme skin default blue gold pink purple red. Joined Sep 20, Messages 14, Likes 2, Points LaserBoy Lasers, electronics, and more And if its lower than 0. Payment sent for the groove 2: I didn’t make this, but me and at least one other member of this forum played some part in the enablement of the creation of this show. August 24, Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

DrLava rocks tha house ! [Archive] – Photonlexicon Laser Forum

But that decision is ultimately up to you. Anything you can draw or trace, you can make into. James on July 12, There are still tons of PCBs and a few full kits as well here: Hi guys, there are two new portable laser drivers on the block to drlaa the Micro FlexDrive.

Hey, nice to see someone trying to crack into the linux sound card DAC stuff. So yesterday around midnight i thought, let’s buy it. Hobbybob, don’t forget that if you don’t turn on optimization, the output file will be ‘vector oriented’ instead of direct play point oriented, and the final frame rate,depending on your software, will be different when the file is played.


Do you know the nicks of these guys in the forum that build lasers? Media New media New comments Search media.

Schematics of Dr.Lava Micro Flex Drive V5 / Replacement for pot / trimmer

And the model drlaba looked as nice, no visible degradation I would really be surprised if he stole from you, I could see product not being shipped and frustrating, but as I stated the reserved charge falls off if not shipped and then will get charged once shipped; when using google checkout as he does.

Dralva you have previously had issues signing up for the forum, please try again. While the FlexDrive can only boost up to 5.