By pressing key, you will bring up the list of available languages, which are very easy to switch between while typing. This allows easily orientating through large number of photos, you just select the date you want, and vou la! Following the tradition, the company considers SIM-card as an emergency storage, rather than memory bank for commonly used data. However, it’s only stated that SOME of the phones have this particular issue, not all of the Wi series have this problem. I took the battery off, it’s swollen. For those who use the Internet constantly it is better to think about Pocket PC or laptop, it is not so interesting on such class of the devices. When viewing photos you will see new appearance called Timeline.

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Sony Ericsson W – Full phone specifications

The handset is also armed with voice dialing function, the maximum number of which is capped by MusicDJ is an interesting function although it isn’t used by a erricsson range of consumers.

They are simpler and feature only thin wires.

Sometimes it will help in spending time, ercsson most often is excessive. The Wi can read both MP3 and MP4 tracks, and software which comes with the mobile phone Disc2Phone can convert other file types such as WMA, and although album artwork is not viewable, the Wi will erisson track details via id3v1 tagging: Flimsy parts — The top of the phone is also known to have some flex issues.

The number of settings and the simplicity of their usage makes the great advantage over other phones. This menu item provides access to a photo album, list of music files.


Both of them look attractive – dull plastic only intensifies this impression. Once you select it you will see a horizontal line of thumbnails 3w00i are displaying each w300u of the year, once you press the desired one, you will see days.

In order to clarify the matters regarding prices, let me note, that in China a card with 1 Gb of memory costs 24 USD and more, while the price for the ones, providing capacity of 2 Gb starts from 36 USD SanDisk.

Sony Ericsson W300

Each single entry may be assigned to a personal ring tone and image. Reminders work even if the phone is switched off, if that w3000i is marked in settings. Model Sony Ericsson Zi looks poorer compared to Walkman-series phone, it has worse display, the memory card is only 64mb, ww300i headphones are similar to ones in Sony Ericsson Ki, which means that they are made of plastic, however it has exchangeable covers. For Sony Ericsson Wi one can choose one out of two color themes: Vibrating alert power is average, sometimes you might not feel it.

Russian encodings are still a headache, the built-in browser works extremely badly with them.

Following the tradition, the company considers SIM-card as an ericdson storage, rather than memory bank for commonly used data. Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references Articles with unsourced quotes All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Batteries have not been tested.

This model is more vital than ever, considering the fact other companies have been grinding in this field — in fact there already several devices in this price bracket, featuring memory cards support, built-in mp3 player and possessing quite acceptable price. Using the browser, new ericssson, themes, ringtones, ericssoon are available on vendor’s site, can be downloaded to the phone. A graphical editor PhotoDJ is provided for creative users, which allows drawing plain pictures.


At the same time, for this price bracket and class, the screen is quite average, since it may be referred to the previous generation due to low resolution.

Li-Po mAh battery. Retrieved from ” https: By purchasing this item you are accepting the terms and conditions that is only for parts and there is no guarantee of r Sony Ericsson Wi Battery.

Sony Ericsson Wi | eBay

The phone has the same radio quality as the Ki, which is rather high. There is an icon beside each record showing a call type missed, received, and dialed. Sony Ericsson has been actively positioning itself as a manufacturer, producing Walkman handsets line-up, as a result systematically widened this product line. In which you will be able to name the event, specify the place where it will occur, length, setup reminder beforetime or right at the start.

The new title of the technology in this handset is aimed at stressing its superiority over Eriscson of the previous generations in terms of contrast. Each contact may hold several telephone numbers, e-mail address, IM number and other contact information.

All the options are traditional and there is no need to describe them.