Last edited by TechDud I wonder if the new Windows Updates in October requiring stronger certificates will effect any legacy drivers. Ntia64] ; added from iteatapi. I’m completely out of ideas, what can I try next? This is likely the certificate you would need now using bit. It does real hardware acceleration of striping and mirroring operations. I gather that the intermediate CA certificate didn’t help?

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The embedded HWid in silicon may be yet another, as the chip-maker likely had a forward eye to make this very idea impossible. Please login or register.

I streamlined the v1.

Driver download

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear Kevlar! Skip to forum content DriverPacks. There must be really something wrong with the signature of taid those driver meaning that at ITE they consistenly do something wrongbut I don’t know what it could be, because the cat file seems ok except the certificates are all expired by now.

Wouldn’t one solution be to virtualize your OS?

Posts [ 20 ]. AddReg] ; ; File sections ; [iteraid. There’s no RAID-5 parity acceleration, but that would be impossible to do in a controller this cheap. I gather that the intermediate CA certificate didn’t help?


To do this I used rt7lite http: Mfg] ; added from iteatapi. RAID functions are implemented by an embedded microprocessor, thus is not a so called “Soft raid” controller. This means that it, as a kernel-mode driver, cannot be utilized unless driver-signing is turned off, or properly signed.

I tried all the things you suggested already: Firefox doesn’t trust that legacy CA, either. Ntamd64] ; added from iteatapi. Active topics Unanswered topics. I can load the bit drivers, which leads me to think that there is a problem with the bit driver signature but this is nothing more than a hunch. AddReg] ; ; File sections ; [iteatapi. For the brave, the integration can also be done using DISM, a command line utility included in Win7 after all it is just a matter of adding the driver files to the.

WIM images in the right placebut I quite liked the simplicity of rt7lite. I’ll do my best.

The “load driver” step checks the cat file, finds something wrong and refuses to use the driver, but if the driver is already in the image, there is probably no cat check, only the sys which is OK is checked?

One other way this idea may break, is if the drive need be configured as JBOD prior to use. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work other than to echo TechDud’s comments about driver signing.


Microsoft Update Catalog

ara Why not try the RAID driver with a modified. If anybody can expand upon this or other ideas to solve this issue with IT controllers, please join the forum and reply. I’m trying to install Windows 7 x64 on an IDE hard drive on an old Abit IB9, which supports IDE disks via the ITE controller, but when I try to load the drivers it refuses to do so, with a message saying “you need to load bit drivers or signed bit drivers”.

Last edited by TechDud Here are newer Vista drivers from Windows Update Qta. I have tried several versions of the IT drivers, including those in the mass storage DP Along with any reply, would you please post your HWid’s?

That driver you referenced from ITE v1. I’m completely out of ideas, what can I try next?