ASUS has released one more excellent product, but its too high price will scare away a great many users, taking into account a little breakaway in speed from its competitors. But this fact didn’t affected quality and accessories. C is able to fight against SiS It needs huge FSB and a good job it’s happy doing so. Whatever the configuration, the board has been designed from the outset for the overclockers with IWill even consulting hardware websites on the features, specification and the resulting choice of the ALi Magik 1 chipset. Voltage of the processor is not fixed either. The CD is bootable – it can help you to make diskettes with drivers which can be required yet before installation of an operating system.

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After that it was just a matter of screwing the board to the case mounts and installing memory modules just the one in this case and my add-in cards graphics, audio, SCSI controller, NIC. Again the CPU has to work hard to scrape any increase at all at high resolution since the memory bandwidth reduction doesn’t help.

That brings us to where we are today and the board under the spotlight is the XPR is based on that exact same stepping. I just feel sorry for Iwill. The support is there however. We haven’t heard about Acer Labs Inc. Ships with the following: This is one feature rich board!

The overclocked result at MHz FSB is poor given the potential throughput of the memory controller at that speed, however all is not well on the memory side of things on this board using the test memory iqill as we’ll see next with the Sandra results. Well, it’s too ksb to cheat a low-level test; it focuses on a single function of the chipset but it ieill it carefully. Is it one more Intel? The board is of high quality, the layout is us.


Iwill XP – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – ALiMAGiK 1 Overview – CNET

We shouldn’t see much variance despite the apparent increase in system performance. This is the same chip that you’ll hear time and time again – spend the extra money and get a real sound card.

You can also change an FSB frequency, voltage of the processor and memory. Performance was under par compared to the KR7A and also the nForce but this is down to the substandard memory performance of the chipset at MHz and the problems at MHz. But this board does look finished because of high-quality soldering and excellent design.

Iwill XP333 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – ALiMAGiK 1

This may be the cause for our little hiccup since the BIOS may not know about the Samsung memory on the module. Onto the Quake3 results.

The nForce D has stable results everywhere, that is why this chipset will be the best choice for those who can afford to squander money. It seems that the lack of speed in ALi’s products is offset by a speedy release of its new products: We’ll switch to 3DMark SE in due course but since scores are comparable we’ll use the older version in this review.

By the way, it is just my assumption what was the cost of a faster memory controller? Overall performance was very good from the board but since it’s a debut benchmark for us we don’t have anything iwwill compare it to on similar platforms GeForce4 on P4 and i DDR is too wide of the mark! The box comes with a CD shaped cutout in which you can see the installation CD and opening the box shows you the opaque plastic clamshell that holds xp33 board and the extras.


All other specifications are the same as in the MAGiK 1. The CPU was happy to run at 1. Many of the problems wound out to be due to a sub-par memory controller, but ALi’s reputation had already been tarnished. It needs huge FSB and a good job it’s happy doing so. So, iwoll up we’ll look at 3DMark performance. A quick rundown of the test system before we have a discussion about the test results and then the results themselves.

I installed the CPU and heatsink outside of the case since the sink uses mounting bolts on the motherboard. However, on the XPR choosing any other multiplier other than the default stopped the board from booting so the unlock made little difference.

Anything over without doing anything to the system indicates good performance. I used the demo version so that you’ll have something readily available to compare your system to. ASUS A7N The board is a preproduction sample, but the documentation says the differences from production ones will be minor. The layout is good except the fact that audio-ins are located right in front of the PCI slots.