To print the manual completely, please, download it. Plug the jack plug 3. The operation as an external storage medium functions as in the case of a usual removable disk. Page 24 Important Note: AFAIK, the is similar to the 95×00 that is already mentioned on my mi4 page:

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For six month we get parents of twins. October 03, Insert the CD supplied and wait until the program starts auto- matically. Downloads release dev builds extras themes Documentation manual wiki device status Support forums mailing lists IRC Development bugs patches dev guide Search.

Files are not copied in the proper directory Check your installation Driver etc. Bagder Global Moderator Member Posts: If you are unsure about the power supply to the place of use, ask the relevant energy supplier.

I saved the page with the link yesterday night – so I am working on the answers. The only thing I can see is that it uses a Synaptics T touch pad controller, also used by the: Please observe strictly the following: Remove memory cards inserted, if necessary.


Medion MP3 JUKEBOX Manual

Your selection will be deleted without checking if you select Delete! Visit Medion on the Web at www. Insert a thin object e. Reset the Jukebox page Unfortunately the pictures are not jukeox interesting. Press the Menu Button briefly, to reach the Menu mode. Welcome to the Rockbox Technical Forums!

The titles will only be correctly sorted if they are available with a so-called ID3 tag. To have access to the original files in case of problems that arise after installa- mefion, it is advisable to create a back-up of the hard disk contents. This receipt will be required for receiving any warranty service. Move your finger up, to increase the volume.

Medion Mobile Jukebox Parts and accessories

Mrdion 19 The battery symbol in the display will indicate the charging status. The Archive will contain cross-references to the files, not the files themselves.

Also, see if you can find if any other Rockbox device uses some of the same hardware components. Driver updates and the latest information on your product are available on the Internet.


Please keep the present instructions and preserve them in order to eventually be able to deliver them jukeobx the new owner of the device in case of sale. This warranty is transferable.


The titles are not shown in the correct sequence: Logged barrywardell Developer Member Posts: Do not interrupt the charging process before the battery is com- pletely charged, to ensure a long battery life.

The Mrdion will be faded out if you do not make any further selection for more than eight seconds.

Is the battery loaded? Installation of Music Match I did find this: