The system can then play back the video with less stutter the more the file is compressed. Photoshop and After Effects, which are very powerful programs, rely mainly on CPU power for rendering effects. Normally video is driven by software during playback. To be able to use Overclockers UK in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Please enter the text in the following text field. If you look closely at the competition there is support for a single DVI port but the secondary port is analog. Adobe After Effects 5.

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Now imagine that same image precision available in the home PC. Single monitor with Adobe After Effects is hell.

Matrox Millennium P Dual DVI (PCI-E, MB) Overview – CNET

A faster and more powerful video card will translate to a smoother interface where complex scenes can be manipulated in real time. The world as perceived by the human eye is not limited to a choice of only It’s great that you can use Amazon to pay for things on this website. I recommend Matrox products for multi-monitor environments but would obviously hesitate for gaming enthusiasts and 3D designers who require massive GPU processing power.


Now imagine adding any amount of the other two primary milleniumm of blue and green to further increase the precision in matching.

Real-time playback is utterly impossible at higher resolutions. Even the G manages to squeak out a score. Matrox has no desire to run the race for ultimate frames per second.

Professional third party hardware codec cards at the broadcast level are notoriously unaffordable for the home user. Dual monitor capable video cards have a primary and a secondary display.

It is primarily a 2D application using imported graphics or digital footage or self generated effects. You might millenuum well have bought a CRT monitor or an analog flat panel because one digital flat panel cannot fulfil its potential.

The competition would have to spend tremendous energy, time and effort just to catch up. Milenium took a page from the lesson book of Parhelia and took notice of a very interesting statistic; the G is still a popular card. The Matrox Millennium P and P have no secondary display. It is true that today most video cards are dual head capable but there was a time not too long ago Matrox impressed the PC world with the Millennium G series.

This is where Matrox has leapt ahead. That means a digital signal to each monitor…true dual digital flat panel display which no other card can say. There is no additional hardware to buy.

Triple head display may not be for all but someone who is, for example, a financial analyst or stockbroker will love three screens of data in one PC. These may result in lesser or greater scores. Matrox does multi-monitor and they do it well.


Matrox Millennium P650 Dual DVI (PCI-E, 128MB)

Adobe After Effects is a tool to produce motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, multimedia and the web. They may be casual gamers but they rely upon the multi-monitor support that Matrox delivers for business applications, web design, graphic applications, video editing, imaging in healthcare, financial data display and a host of other applications.

In other words just enough to display a desktop image. It was previously mentioned that Matrox excels in image quality. It is no secret that Matrox is far ahead for multi-monitor support and desktop image quality. Many have commented that Matrox displays are sharper and easier on the eyes.

Fast dispatch and delivery. They are all enthusiasts who most likely have more than one PC and who like the right tool for the job. Dual monitor enthusiasts loved it. Dual monitors are a joy to work with.